24 October, 2016


Our history

it's a constant search for passion


Continuous worldwide seek for further incorporating different natural fabrics, expanding a wide variety of options for the customer when choosing your garment. The quality of his fabrics, crafting garments by hand with purism that characterizes him, buttonholes and hand-crafted details, and natural dyes that he does with plants and seeds, have done their work as a tailor is recognized internationally. In eagerness to search for inspiration and new fabrics, Fernando often spend part of his time in continuous trips to different countries so you should contact him to arrange appointments in advance.

At first Fernando, highly linked to the world of skateboarding, creates designs for t-shirts and skateboards, but soon evolves into urban clothing based on elegance, comfort and durability. In his creative process demonstrates his interest in tailoring, starting a process of learning and training that leads to the opening of his Tailoring shop in the center of Madrid (2011).

Fernando continues using same fabrics focused in those values, being his tailoring specialized in Denim, which are of unsurpassed quality and exclusivity as main objectives.







Fernando García de la Calera

Creative - Designer - Artist