TheConcrete x El Solitario M.C. // `Never Work´ tailor-made jacket

It is only natural that El Solitario and The Concrete Co. collaborated in the creation of a unique garment. At El Solitario we live our lives and our work in such a passionate way that we hardly see the boundaries between the two, like Fernando Garcia de la Calera (founding tailor[...]

THE CONCRETE x VALTORØN // Denim Ride Jackets #01 + #02

- Short film edited by Maria Guerrero with theme Ficus of the mallorcan band Oso Leone. + Filmed in Valtoron workshop located en Valdetorres del Jarama, Madrid, Spain by Abel Blanco + Additional footage by Maria Guerrero during photoshoot by photographer Daniel Alea in Toledo, Spain. -


Less for two reasons: The first is to slow down the rhythm of work for some time from this collection, after almost five years working on the highest long days and having little free time, I feel happy and satisfied but I need to slow down, to[...]

XII Trade Unique

Trade Unique: the unique exchange, exchange based on good faith and mutual agreement on both sides of what is to receive and give in return. A sincere exchange where both parts feel satisfied, as brand value. Presenting two opposite scenarios in the garment market: A. A company[...]

XI Stay True

Stay true: this capsule is a reflection of my truth, of the clothes I want to wear at the moment I live, of their functionality adapted to my lifestyle, linked to the moment I am technically as a craftsman. This garments are a declaration of values: applying traditional techniques of handmade tailoring[...]

X Time Crafter

When I was a kid I used to go with my father, who was Military Rescue, to the hangars of Cuatro Vientos (Madrid), as my dad let me or not I stay around and inside and so my imagination flew with all the planes, helicopters, uniforms and tools. Drew and had many adventures[...]

IX Sweet Mary

My intention with this capsule is to convey that femininity is an attitude. A particular way to express themselves. And so the creation of three masculine looks. Decontextualizing fabrics and garments, traditional tailoring and romantic inspiration against bikers, grunge or rock n roll, bringing a unique value to the mixture in which I[...]