TheConcrete x London Cloth Co.

I meet Daniel Harris in my last travel to London in November 2016, I was curious about the guy making a wool - cotton mix fabric with nice indigo colours, and wavering them with old self restored machines..

An hour of tube, las stop in north red line, and five minutes of taxi, it´s enough to be surrounded by country houses and trees instead of flat buildings and concrete, with the sensation of being in “England” rather than in London City, which is kind of nice.

Several elongated, single-storey industrial buildings were made up of a small area surrounded by fields, one of which was of our friend Daniel.

Plenty of natural light and plenty of stuff, tools, skeins of threads, imposing iron machines and other smaller wooden ones, look where you looked, there was something that attracted me and discovered me that Daniel is a very special chum, someone Who does not care too much of how the industry and the market runs, but rather someone who does what he wants and does it with passion, from the first moment we connect.

He told me that he had studied tailoring, and that he came to work as a tailor in the theatre, but wanted to take a step beyond the creation of his own garment to the creation of the fabric ..

The photo in which a map of England with pined points appearing, are the places where he had found the knitting machines, some industrial machines and other more artisanal, but always looking for specific models that wove with extreme quality, dated from about 1900 to about 1970.

Some machine had to buy three times the same model, each one at different places of the country, to go pick up pieces of one or the other to be able to have at least one complete and working.

He has been able to restore them and to create fabrics with mainly British raw material, unique and with a certain denim inspiration, mixed with the classic English herringbone tweed, something different, of his own soul, something that has make me fallen in love with the fabrics.

I present the ones I liked the most in the section of Fabrics one by one, here the links:


Herringbone Twill 100% Rope-dyed Indigo Cotton

100% Cotton Rope-dyed Indigo & White Herringbone

Ecru Donegal London Tweed

Ecru and Rope-dyed Indigo Cotton 3/1 Twill


Union Cloth - Rope-dyed Indigo Cotton & Navy Wool Twill

Union Cloth - Rope-dyed Indigo Cotton & white Wool Herringbone Twill


-Here an example of the first Bespoke garment I have done with Herringbone Twill 100% Rope-dyed Indigo Cotton fabric.



 And London Cloth´s website:

Thank you Daniel for passion in your work !!