Denim World Championship // Artisan Challenge Review

I was invited by Jeroen de Wal to participate in the Denim World Championships at the Artisanal Challenge category by beginning of 2015.

Selected artisans making jeans all over the world were invited to make a pair, and wear them for two years, showing the results often in a private forum, with interesting judges from denim world involved, and fun to share work and to know other craftsmanship around I start to build my pair by March 2015..


Choosing Japan Mills Kuroki 12 oz. selvage indigo fabric, I made a classic 5 pockets using my traditional tailoring skills, I mostly did what I´m used to do for clients in my tailoring shop in Madrid, but introducing some details that, from here, became a standard of my bespoke work giving importance to the appearance and the construction in high quality balance.

Fully biased, interior traditional tailor pants waist-band, hand made buttonholes, hand made wooden buttons, hand made leather label, singe stitching machine, quality fabrics and threat…

pics from first months of wearing them (June · 2015)


first fades from September · 2015


worn at beginning of 2016 -still unwashed- as fading detail pictures below from March 2016

The Challenge is getting to the end, is two years now since I made them, and here a review with best pictures of the process and evolution, last from this summer so I´m planning o show in future post how aged are by May 2017 were the Challenge ends.

Thanks for the invitation, and many thanks for those artisan fellas linked!