Double breasted peacoat patchwork w/ Italian selvage denim

Bespoke order from my Basque Country customer, naval-inspired cross jacket, with denim core fabric 13.5 oz. From Candiani, washed to stone.

My client, although he is sixty years old, is a hotel entrepreneur and likes to dress daringly and that his clothes are different from anything seen. For this there are some details of Japanese workwear inspiration, such as sashiko stitching and patchwork with cotton fabrics in various shades of indigo.

The garment will look better and its aging will be spectacular due to the quality of materials such as the details of the natural candle, which will be picking patina, and deer antler buttons. The lining of the jacket and the neck are made of Spanish merino wool. I leave you photos of the process and the final result (keep in mind that the coat is measured by someone else)