Hunter Green Denim 11oz. Spain Dead Stock

This special tone of green was showing between mountains of fabrics of a veteran Madrid fabric store, in the “Plaza Mayor” surroundings.

The business is being open from beginning of the 20th century, and is managed by the descents of the founder, who from beginning focus itself in the fabrics for workwear, uniforms, interlinings and linings.

I asked the salesman, a gentleman called Javier, about the fabric, and so he comments to me that it is a fabric that is being in the shop for many years and that surely is of a supplier of the Basque Country, a supplier specialized in cotton and fabrics of workwear, dropping the name of " Azules de Bergara “

The fabric is 100 % cotton, spun with handcrafted weaver, for the simple width (78 cm.), the aspect of the selfedge and for the small faults and blemishes in the uniformity of the fabric. The approximate weight is from 11 to 12 ounces.

I have bought Javier the whole stock of this fabric (103 meters), and I got in the mesenteries of up to the last corner of his store as well as in those of the textile cotton Spanish industry of  the XXth and " Blue of Bergara ", a population of Guipuzcoa where it was spun, was weaving and dying the resistant fabric of cotton serge, for his later export to U.S.A. for the accomplishment of sail ships and workwear .. where the indigo dye that was used, was having a unique color due to the waters of the river that flows around Bergara, it was reddish for the strong siderurgy of populations geographically more raised as Mondragón.