Made with Passion

Video clip by Abel Blanco with music by Lucas Martino.

The passion and love that we feel for our work makes us good or mediocre, make us have style as well as technique and makes us shine.

Francisco Martin is a bullfighter with natural style that is given by the passion and respect he has for everything that surrounds the world of the bullfighting.

Making this poetic comparison with my work is not random.

From self ignorance, I myself did not understand this culture rooted in Spain but very criticized, and after my friendship with Francisco, since we met, and knowing him  more as a friend, assisting to his trainees and approaching myself to his rural lifestyle and how he feels this culture, I can say that Now I see it with different eyes.

And like him, I feel that I do things by passion respecting my profession, working to achieve a style and technique by my own practicing.

Francisco is wearing vest and trousers made of dead stock natural denim 12 oz. from Burlington Mills hand dyed with  CoffeCurry™ natural dye and wooden buttons.

Shirt comes in Japanese Polka Dots  chambray and wooden buttons.