Work jacket // Trucker // 10 oz.dead stock white duck-canvas


This is my minimalistic interpretation of the original trucker jacket design.

Minimum outside seams, thread color tone matched with fabric, below finished with hand-sewn crosses and hidden pockets in the lines of the bellows and yoke.

The jacket has slim fit and tailor cut sleeve, however it is very comfortable, for example, for riding motorcycle, because the front and back bellows and the extra length, that the old design did not have, and ensures that your kidneys go well covered.

I have given much importance to interior finishes has the agreement has no lining.

Artisanal milled in Spain fabric.

Handcrafted wooden buttons. Neck detail in natural tanned calfskin.

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  • 44 has 106 cm. of chest, 98 cm. of waist and 40 cm. of back (shoulder to shoulder),
  • 48 has 112 cm. of chest, 104 cm. of waist and 44 cm. of back,
  • 52 has 118 cm. of chest, 110 cm. of waist and 48 cm. of back,
  • 56 has 124 cm. of chest, 116 cm. of waist and 52 cm. of back,
  • 60 has 130 cm. of chest,122 cm. of waist and 56 cm. of back.

if you need further information about the sizes and measurements please feel free to contact directly with the workshop.

As the clothes are not trimmed and sewn until you choose your measurements, feel free to contact for any request.