Leisure jacket // The Concrete x Valtoron #02 // 11 oz. Hunter green dead stock denim


Artisans made jacket of Hunter Green selvage denim 11.5 oz. Vintage fabric “dead stock” made in Basque Country.

Silk lining inside that makes it light and perfect for spring rides.

The jacket has a tough YKK zipper and denim detail cover to prevent scratches on the tank. The buttons are made in artisan foundation, being a representation of the meticulous work of Transformations Valtoron.

The work of folds in the side of the inner jacket is reinforced with elastic fabric, so that the jacket is slim but have mobility during driving.

Three exterior pockets with zipper and one inside. adjustable cuff zipper.

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  • 44 has 102 cm. of Chest 100 cm. of Waist and 40 cm of back (shoulder to shoulder)
  • 48 has 108 cm. of Chest 104 cm. of Waist and 42 cm of back,
  • 52 has 114 cm. of Chest 110 cm. of Waist and 46 cm of back,,
  • 56 has 120 cm. of Chest 116 cm. of Waist and 52 cm of back,
  • 60 has 126 cm. of Chest 122 cm. of Waist and 56 cm of back.

if you need further information about the sizes and measurements please feel free to contact directly with the workshop.

As the clothes are not trimmed and sewn until you choose your measurements, feel free to contact for any request.