TheConcrete // X anniversary jeans //

in march 2007 I start a company with The Concrete Company Madrid comercial name. Based on my lifestyle then I created graphics for skateboards, tees and sweaters mainly before turning this purist at clothing making process.

One of my recurring graphics in reference to the classic city skater was the drawings of pigeons. So I make a wink at this time of my beginnings with the figure of the head of a pigeon piro engraved by hand on the back leather label.


Fernando Garcia de la Calera. Madrid, 2014. Ph: Daniel Alea

Trousers are:

the five pockets straight cut, high rise with frogmouth front pockets and rounded back pockets with two color threat / ocre - gold.

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& the five pocket slim cut, mid rise, with classic front and back patch pockets with two color threat (ocre - tobacco).

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Both made of 13.5 z. raw indigo selvage denim.

Campaign made with art director, photographer and videographer María Guerrero in collaboration with young photographer from Mallorca, Will Freeman.