XII Trade Unique

Trade Unique: the unique exchange, exchange based on good faith and mutual agreement on both sides of what is to receive and give in return. A sincere exchange where both parts feel satisfied, as brand value.

Presenting two opposite scenarios in the garment market:

A. A company or individual makes a bet speculating on how many units will sell of the same product, manufacturing an amount x, governed by the cost reduction in the mass manufacture, with a very high profit percentage since the bet is not secure , And if it is not sold it can be reduced until the total recovery of the investment and speculating on aspects like the trend, the fashion, the design or the lifestyle that this garment transmits by itself, playing with the culture, the aspirations And the lack of information of the individual who will buy it treated thus to individuals as mass or set. The main objective of this exchange, and sadly in many occasions the only reason, is to bring an economic benefit to the selling part.

B. A society or individual with sufficient skills and means to create something specific to meet a need of another individual under their demand and need applied to their lifestyle, offering the price they both estimate and under pre-creation agreement. Being the main objective to cover that need in the most qualitative way possible for the price to be agreed, making a fair treatment where both parties are satisfied.

It is the second option where I really feel comfortable and gives title to this capsule, where I create designs adapted to my own lifestyle in Madrid downtown, where I spend hours working in the workshop and I need to be comfortable, where I move on a motorcycle for messages and daily meetings and attend my clients with good presence. Wanting to feel the durability of a good strong fabric and that does not need continuous ironing to maintain good appearance.

Following my line of refined and quality denim fabrics  (Italy Candiani and Spain Tavex for this collection) and other dead stock quality craftsmanship fabrics, applied to techniques and patterns more typical of classic traditional tailoring than the workwear (commonly factory made) proper of these fabrics.

photo: Maria Guerrero