Less for two reasons:

The first is to slow down the rhythm of work for some time from this collection,

after almost five years working on the highest long days and having little free time, I feel happy and satisfied but I need to slow down, to have some more time for my family and myself, as well as employ the working time not only single a day a day of bespoke work for my clients, which I really have lucky to have but employing more time for my creativity outside the technique and methodology that sometimes become routine.

The second motif refers to the classic less is more phillosphy, using light-weight Portuguese herringbone cotton fabric, natural color, without bleach, to create both kind of garments tops and pants. Based on the crude and indigo tones (with indigo naturally direct from the plant Indigofera Tinctoria ), to create a range of products maintaining the values ​​of the brand in previous collections and perfect for the spring - summer season.