XVI Lost in the Light

I create 3 looks of trousers and vest to wear in a pleasant climate weather where the average annual temperature is around 18 Celsius degrees and the Mediterranean breeze moistens the environment.

End of Summer, beginning of Autumn and Spring.

It smells like sea and smells like field.

Tastes like work but also like leisure and enjoyment of the senses.

Olive green of pines and olive trees,

Indigo blue sea and pure mountain air,

Roasted brown of the earth, stone and sun light.

Lost by putting together the simplicity of a natural life and the complexity of a more visceral and humanized life.

A city life, ambitious and full of created needs or a simple life in the countryside full of natural stimulation that govern the rhythm of your needs

I guess the peaceful is in the balance.

Meanwhile these fabrics make a lifestyle half way between the modern city and the naturalness of the countryside and the sea:


8.6 oz. Olive green selvage twill from USA

Light weight indigo dead stock vintage cotton-linen herringbone cloth from Spain.

8 oz. Beige dead stock sanforized cotton gabardine from Spain.



Looking for the purity and nobility of the rest of applied materials too.

The technique, as usual, artisanal.

Careful and detailed in the construction as much in the functional and ornamental details, as in interior and exterior of the garment.

Fernando Garcia de la Calera // rugged tailor

Photography: Maria Guerrero @mariaparadisepursuit