Made-to-Order / Wholesale
In 2020 we decided to start making made-to-order garments at home.

Due to the uniqueness of our fabrics, many of them from old stocks that are no longer produced or from artisan mills, of which we only order few metres of fabric at one time to produce small runs and to minimise any left over fabrics. Fabric remnants are saved from our tailoring workshop to use in bespoke or future projects. When selling garments wholesale we order only as much fabric needed to meet orders. We believe in minimising excess where possible.

As we are a tailoring workshop more than a fashion brand, we make collections when we find the inspiration or the time to work on, regardless of the season or the sales calendar. Our collections are limited to fabric stock, and once they are sold they are not produced again, so if you find something in past collections you like to buy, you can contact for MTO producing something similar but probably in other fabric.
We use 100% natural materials. Cotton, linen, wool and leather. Our leather is  sourced in Spain. Linens are mostly sourced from Mallorca, cottons from Portugal, Japan, Italy, Spain, UK and wool from Spain. Also buttons are Spain/Portugal produced from wood or corozo.
Metal accessories mostly came from Japan and are made in raw materials as cooper and brass.

We do not use any plastic in our garments or packaging. 

We make our own patterns, based on a confort unisex elegance. Making toiles and corrections on them to make them fit on both body shapes without losing identity 

In any case, we know that regardless of gender, each body is different and if you need a special measure, send us an email to adapt any of our garments to your measurements. 

Tailoring Workshop
By making the garments in our own workshop, we can control all the process ensuring the quality control as all garments are carefully made one by one. Every pattern is self developed and trimmed by hand with scissors, we use old sewing machines as the workshop counts with a Japanese Brother DB2-B735-3 for main garment construction, a Reece 101 for buttonholes, Japanese Juki chain stitch machine for denim hem sewing, Korean Sunstar double drag machine for leather sewing and a Pfaff 3334 bar tacker.