With training in traditional tailoring, Fernando Garcia de la Calera - Madrid, 1983 - under the Rugged Tailoring concept, he designs garments with classic cuts and fabrics normally associated with workwear, adding a relaxed touch to an elegant style.


The Concrete Company Madrid, in its beginnings in 2007, emerged as a streetwear brand focused on skateboarding, hence its name - from concrete - from the skateparks main material that Fernando and his friends still like to frequent.

With the crisis of 2008, the company takes a turn that leads to what it is today, after training as a tailor during two years as an apprentice, Fernando opens a small tailor shop in the Madrid neighborhood of Malasaña where he works exclusively tailor-made, offering especially Japanese denim jeans for men and women

In September 2018 we moved to the Las Letras neighborhood, we opened the first shop-workshop where in addition to continuing tailor-made work, we also offer our Ready To Wear collections.

Nowadays and after being forced to close the store due to the pandemic crisis, Fernando works from his workshop in the Sierra de Madrid to offer Made To Order collections and bespoke products.

Our way of understanding fashion:

With a puristic confection, making the products in our own workshop or in collaboration with small Spanish producers, -as is the case of knitted products and footwear-, using quality materials that we strive to find all over the world, with a design based on functionality and the fabrics mostly coming from old stocks or artisan loomed, causing our products to be special limited edition pieces.


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