Made To Order //

the main idea of this business model is to provide stores with a product sample to sell without having to buy big stocks, replacing according to demand or simply selling on request.

Sample garments //

the stores choose the garments they want to have for sampling from the collections presented, but for making the sales effective we truly recommend to have full range of sizes of the items selected for the customers to try them, and maybe in different fabrics to let them see different results.

Minimum order //

no minimum order for any item, only for collection shirts is 7 units. (Normally listed in range of sizes - S, 2M, 2L, XL, XXL -  but sizes can be distributed as wished)

Surcharges applied to quantities less than 7 items of same model: 


•         0-6 items = 15% surcharge 
•         7-21 items = regular price
          >> if the total price of the order exceeds 1500 euros, the surcharges will not be charged, regardless of the number of articles per model.
Discount applied to quantities more than 21 items of same model:

•        + 22 items =15% discount

Shipping Cost //

We truly recommend you to use your own trusted logistic supplier, we I can easily give you the details of the packages and print the labels for the packages.
Other wise small single MTO garment packages will be charge for 25 €. with three or four days delivery, and big packages costs will depend on height and measurements. 

Bespoke Orders //

if the seller has the ability to take measures on the master garment for any modifications the pattern to suit the client, all custom orders will be welcome as well as the changes on fabric or threat color.
>> The Concrete will make the exact modifications that are required be the store owner or seller, being the final responsible the store, but the Concrete agent and the brand will also be available as direct support and training for these cases.

Sample Book //

sample fabric book will be provided to the store in its initial order if it exceeds 2500 euros, otherwise 150 euros will be charged.

Colab. Designing //

if the store wants to create its own product from its own idea or from any of the garments in the collection presented, it will be welcome from 14 unit, with the possibility of making an embroidered and / or leather label specially designed for the collaboration.